From the only team to ever bring water access

to an entire nation, comes...


A relentless pursuit to end thirst in our generation.

3iRST is a water solutions company with a mission to ensure every person has access to safe drinking water regardless of location or
socio-economic status.



Water Is A Basic Human Right.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 2019 that 785 million people on the planet don't have basic access to clean drinking water.  As a result, an estimated 485,000 people die from contaminated water EVERY YEAR.

The United Naitons has set a global goal of achieving safe water for all by 2030, but at the current rate of development, this goal won't be achieved until 2073.  

That's 53 years too late for the estimated 35 million men, women and children around the planet who will die between now and then.  


Proven, Scalable Solutions.

The technology needed to solve this problem already exist. Nothing new needs to be invented.  We have everything we need to replace bad, ineffective practices with new ones that actually work. 

3iRST sources and partners with companies from all of the world, to provide curated, customized solutions tailored to each location.

Pattern of Big Bottle of Drinking Water
Water Bottling

Decentralized, franchisable water bottling and distrubutiuion outlets


Prioven Point-of-Use clean water systems that last for years with no replacement parts

On - Demand

Water delivery systems built around a high capacity well enabling pipe-borne water to rural communities

Earth and Space

A New World.

3iRST was created to have a sustained, positive impact across all nations.
Ours is an open invitation to every individual, group, organization, company, and government agency to partner with us solve the global water crisis, save millions of lives, and create real economic opportunity in the places that need help the most...

And we'll do it all in our generation.

Old World Map

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