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Relentless commitment to sustainable water access.

We value economic, social, and environmental outcomes equally.  
Our proven model is 
one that solves the global water problem while simultaneously delivering outstanding investor returns, localized GDP and jobs, working from the ground up.


Helping people
survive & thrive.

The team that brought basic water access to an entire nation for the first time in history (Liberia, West Africa) is now expanding its efforts to develop national water programs around the world.

We disrupt supply chains and hyper-localize access to clean drinking water like no other time in human history.


We Are


People passionate about making a lasting difference are what created 3iRST. We've combined centuries of media, technology, franchising, sustainability, and impact investing expertise to create a new type of social enterprise. 

3iRST is a registered Social Benefit Company. We have learned from first-hand experience that no one sector can solve this massive challenge alone and that it needs a coordinated effort between Government, for-profit business and non-profit entities in order to succeed.


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